11 November 2013

Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X

Jim Hendleman's book, Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X claims to provide "a preponderance of evidence… that categorically prove the correctness of the theories and statements herein as correct facts with enough correctness left over to throw mud on mainstream archaeologists' and historians' timeline of their development of man." (p.114) However I have found no evidence whatsoever of what he claims to be, "real facts and hard evidence." (p.5) Let us take a look at what Mr. Hendleman claims to be real facts and hard evidence about the Jaredite civilization:

According to the Author, the Jaredites
 were 36 foot giants

  • According to the Author, the Jaredites lived in Iraq, Antarctica, Greenland, India, Mongolia, the Pacific Islands, China, Peru, a lost continent in the Pacific, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, North Africa, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and France who in the ended up being Mayans who were the, "degenerate survivors of the Jaredites." (p.18, 21, 26, 33, 94.) 
  • Based solely upon the only written account of the Jaredites found in the Book of Mormon we only know that they were concerned about the Tower of Babel and moved to a land of promise. First, to state that the Jaredites had a great influence in Asia is a terrible mistake of insinuations, guesses, assumptions and theories that contain no evidence whatsoever in the slightest sense. The authors, "real facts and hard evidence," are for the reader to read, (Sorenson, his paper.) I found this to be very annoying as the type of real facts and hard evidence is not to read his book but someone else's paper, book or T.V. show and even movie! (p. 28, 69, 85, 87, 88, 102) The claim that the Jaredites had to have spread civilization to China is also only theoretical based upon no evidence and hard facts. Even the author uses language that betrays his claim of evidence and hard facts by using terms such as, "reason," and "may have." (p. 26)