05 July 2009

"Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again"

Purported Photograph of Joseph Smith Jr. 

S. Michael Wilcox "Picturing Joseph"

S. Michael Wilcox has written a book called, Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again which "examines an early daguerreotype (photograph) alleged to be that of Joseph Smith. After 10 years of research the author presents a fascinating comparison of the photograph to the evidence available." -MSKBJA 

How Was the Photo Discovered?

In 1969 a woman by the name of Katherine Scannel Mitchell contacted the RLDS church now known back then as, "The Community of Christ," and wanted to donate some historical artifacts that had been in her family chest for years and years. She said she was a descendant of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith Jr. The items she wanted to donate included a Phinney family Bible; an Emma Smith hymnal printed in Nauvoo in 1841, and a "daguerreotype that the family had always called the daguerreotype of Joseph." -MSKBJA

This book should cause eagerness and enthusiasm into the heart of every member of the LDS faith. S. Michael Tracy's exploration of Smiths physical appearance and the claimed daguerreotype is rich in its intensity of historic and forensic examinations. The rigorous analytic study and arduous mental labors of the author is both exceptionally admirable and distinctively unique. This study is indeed a new saga in Mormon history that I believe will interest the spectrum from lay members to scholars to high ranking officials in the LDS faith. I would highly recommend this book to you and also the DVD called, "Picturing Joseph."

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