24 July 2010

The Plan of Salvation: Special Limited Time Offer Through December!

The Plan of Salvation: Special Limited Time Offer Through December!

If you are Unsaved, This is YOUR DAY: Now for a limited time, receive our Certification of Eternal Security. This exclusive offer gives you access to special Landover Baptist Church events on Judgment Day Evening.

Please note that this offer is not good with any earlier commitment you may have made through the Landover Baptist Ministries. See below

We offer the cheapest Plan of Salvation and assurance of Eternal Security, ANYWHERE on the internet! We dare you to find someone offering this package for a lower price!

IT'S SIMPLE: If you are interested in getting saved, you are looking for the plan of salvation. We have the information you need. We can help you understand everything you need to know to get to Heaven and avoid Hell.

For The Plan of Salvation, please send a check or money order in the amount of $239.00* to:
Landover Baptist Church
Corporate Christian Offices
207 Soulwinner's Palace Dr. Freehold, IA 45587
(Be sure to include a note asking for the pamphlet "Please, Don't Send Me To Hell.")

*The finance charge is mandatory so we know you are serious about God. We also cover salvation processing costs in adding you to our database of prospective tithers. Salvation Plan comes with a $10,000 "Activation Charge" (subject to credit approval).

Location: Mapleton, UT 84664, USA

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