15 October 2011

A Case Against Atheism

"Who gave [you] the sponge to wipe away my entire horizon?"

Atheist man! Who are you to spoil and destroy my joy? Who are you? And by what power and authority do you bring with you? Will you fight upon the battlefield for my freedom to enjoy liberty of thought and action? Then if you are willing to die upon the battlefield for my liberty and joy, why go about to destroy my joy? Who gave you the authority to wipe away my horizon?
No Comfort Upon Death

What love and beauty can an atheist express, In poems that touch the hearts distress? 

In death and pain a council to whom? Nothing hereafter but darkness and doom?

Upon his death as an atheist falls; His heart cries, "Lord is this all?"

For I will not believe because of written books; In religion I found diversity! Crooks!

But the Lord says he, "Why did you deny? To suppress your feelings time after time?"

For I did call and thou didst hear; Regardless religions and crooks so near.

The stars up above, the earth beneath Yet thou would not because of books that you read?

Though on deaths bed to deny of me

I love you son, come home and ye shall see

The Atheist says, "How can you reconcile that belief is a good thing when so many lives have been lost due to the differing opinions of religious views?" 
"While the atheist are often crying over the crimes of religion, what about the vastly greater crimes atheist regimes committed in our own lifetime, in the last century and still going on? If you take Hitler, Stalin and Mao alone; the three of them collectively in the space of a few decades killed close to 100 million people. And that's the tip of the ice berg. What about Ceauşescu, Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, and Pol Pot! Lets look at this fairly and not blame religion for crimes when there are vastly greater and more recent crimes committed by atheist regimes!" (Dinesh D'Souza debate against Christopher Hitchens...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V85OykSDT8&feature=context-vrec)


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