09 May 2013

YES or NO Questions Within Religion

"Do You Believe In God?"

YES and No questions within interfaith dialogues are not anecdotal to the already contentious subject on religion.

Most often polar questions such as, "Do you believe in God?"  is not a request for information but an expressive introductory path to contention. This particular question contains within its wording an entire world of emotions among the person addressed and the addressee. It is not an attempt at an interfaith dialogue but most often than not is motivated by an attempt to contentiously criticize and belittle others.

Yes and No within religious discussions are exclusive close-ended questions limiting the inexperienced respondent into a corner. Intolerant and closed-minded people offer close-ended religious questions to strengthen their resistance against their opponent. Closed-ended religious questions are never the complete story and never yield useful information to the Questioneer. 

If you are a skillful religious debater you will always explain, elaborate and clarify the Who, What, When, Where, Why. It is crucial to give current modern day examples that people can relate to.

I have had job interviews where I had been asked close-ended questions. "Do you work well with other employees?" The answer of course is, "Yes" but wouldn't you sound better by explaining why you are a good team player? This is the same for religious dialogue. You are naturally more persuasive by elaborating your arguments.


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