02 June 2013

Improvement Era Excommunication Listings

First Improvement Era March 1942
with Excommunications Section
The Improvement Era was the official magazine of the LDS church from 1897 -1970. On March of 1942 the church began to include a section of their magazine describing those who were excommunicated (See Above). 

The LDS church not only gave their names but also what ward they attended, the date they were excommunicated and what they did. 

By March of 1947 (5 years later) they decided to discontinue the publication of excommunications for unknown reasons.

Though these excommunications are indeed justified they are in fact a big change from when the church was first restored. Brigham Young is recorded in the Journal of Discourses as saying, "I have frequently thought, what would be the consequence  in this community, were we to be as strict now, as the authorities of the church once were? For it used to be, if a man did not obey counsel after it was given him, he was cut off from the church." (JD Volume 1 page 78)

Last Improvement Era with Excommunications
Section March 1947

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