13 June 2013

Maurice Dew: The Primary Program

Title: The Primary Program
Author: Maurice Dew
Publisher: Pioneer Productions
Genre: Music
Year Published: 2013
Price: $9.99

Dew Family
Maurice Dew is a very talented musician who has introduced Mormons into an unfamiliar genre of music for our LDS culture today. Presenting children primary songs with fat beats, full basses, rhyming lyrics and string accompaniments has never reached our community until today. The content, rhymes, flow and delivery of this new genre of music is attractive to the ear leaving the listener to listen to it again and again.

I have four girls at the ages of three, six, ten and twelve who overheard me playing the music for this review and they loved it. They told me that they recognized the songs from primary and were jumping up and down to the music. It was fun and exciting to see them happy and dancing to primary songs.

However, I do want to say that something to the "orthodox" members of the LDS faith about this music CD. Some may unmistakably consider this music CD disrespectful and offensive solely upon merits of it being under the influence of Rap. They may consider this music, "light-mindedness" (D&C 88:121) trampling the sacred hymns with Rap. However, the imagery the Maurice Dew portrays to his listeners is anything but disrespectful, offensive and so called, "light-minded." This is not Gangster Rap. This is not Thug Rap. This is not the kind of rap that you would need to change the channel too so that your kids will not be harmed by the visuals.

In an interview, Maurice once said, "The problem is that rap music (and some other styles) is far too inappropriate and stupid these days. Mormon parents and leaders don’t realize that their kids are listening to filth. My desire is to create a positive and an appropriate alternative to the stuff they already love and support." (www.linescratchers.com)

The lyrics are uplifting and inspirational. I believe if Maurice did music videos to this album it would greatly change the attitudes that people have against rap because the video would be showing people serving others, history of our pioneers, children having fun, and people learning life lessons.

Importing the CD into ITunes was a pain since it is not registered with the CDDB Database. I had to manually enter the album, artist and song names into my library of music. There are a total of 12 children primary songs and one hymn (Praise to the Man) by which is my favorite song out of the whole album.

1. Here We Are Together
2. Called to Serve
3. Saturday
4. When I Go to Church
5. Sunbeam
6. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
7. The Dearest Names
8. Smiles
9. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
10. The Ox Cart
11. Jesus Said Love Everyone
12. Praise to the Man
13. (Heritage) Come, Come, Ye Saints

Hearing Maurice Dew's music album for the first time was very new, exciting and enlightening.
"Those of you interested in the growing LDS hip-hop scene will no doubt find something to love in the music of Maurice Dew." (www.linescratchers.com) The songs are catchy and memorable. You and your children will love blasting this in your car and home. To preview all of the songs go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/maurice23

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