11 November 2013

Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X

Jim Hendleman's book, Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X claims to provide "a preponderance of evidence… that categorically prove the correctness of the theories and statements herein as correct facts with enough correctness left over to throw mud on mainstream archaeologists' and historians' timeline of their development of man." (p.114)

However, I have found no evidence whatsoever of what the author claims to be, "real facts and hard evidence." (p.5) In fact, he uses language that betrays his claim of evidence and hard facts by using terms such as, "reason," and "may have." (p. 26)

Let us take a look at what Mr. Hendleman claims to be real facts and hard evidence about the Jaredite civilization:

    According to the Author, the Jaredites
     were 36 foot giants
The Book of Mormon gives an account of the Jaredite people during the Biblical time of the Tower of Babel who then according to the Book of Mormon moved to a land of promise. 

According to the author, the Book of Mormon people by the name "Jaredites" lived in Iraq, Antarctica, Greenland, India, Mongolia, the Pacific Islands, China, Peru, a lost continent in the Pacific, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, North Africa, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and France who eventually became who we know today as the Mayans.  (p.18, 21, 26, 33, 94.) 

Mr. Hendleman believes that the Jaredites had a great influence in Asia. This is a terrible mistake of insinuations, guesses, assumptions and theories that contain no evidence whatsoever in the slightest sense. 

I found that many of the authors "real facts"  was to direct the reader to read another book, paper, and even T.V. show and even movie! (p. 28, 69, 85, 87, 88, 102) 

  • The author also sources the Book of Mormon with no chapter or verse, as stating that the Mayans were descended from the Jaredites. (p.33) However, any student of the Book of Mormon knows that there is no reference whatsoever of the Mayan people or any reference to them in the slightest sense in the entire Book of Mormon. Again, there are no facts whatsoever that this is true.
Bigfoot riding a Unicorn
  • The claim that the Jaredites home base was in Peru, and other places such as a lost continent in the Pacific, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, North Africa, Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and France are claims with no evidence and facts. These wild claims are again solely based upon the betraying vocabulary that is so heavily used in his book such as, "appears" and "appeared." (p.94)
  • The reader sees this kind of vocabulary repeatedly throughout this book that claims it is only, "concerned with real facts and hard evidence; there is no hyperbole or exaggeration of any of the facts herein." (p.5) If this is so then why does this author use vocabulary such as: "fairly certain, appears to have been, possibly, quite possibly, probably, likely, appear possible, may, may have, might, seems, very possibly, could have, I personally feel, I believe, this author believes, this authors thinking is, a plausible theory, inclined to think, perhaps, suggests, as pure speculation." (p.37, 40, 65, 66, 67, 68, 73, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 89, 90, 94, 98, 99, 101, 103, 123, 124, 125, 132, 137, 140, 142, 145, 153) This book is laden with more theory, speculative imagination and hypothetical claims than actual hard facts and evidence.
According the author, the Jaredites built space ships
and colonized on the planet Mars.
  • The Jaredites were also, according to the author, 26-36 foot giants with red hair, six fingers and toes who built spaceships and, "were able to colonize Mars and the possible planet between Mars and Jupiter." (p. 12, 45) 
  • The claim that the author makes about the Jaredites building space ships are only based upon the authors imaginative speculation to which are dangerous pursuits of "matters that are without profit to the soul." The author gives no evidence whatsoever that the Jaredites were space ship builders nor were able to colonize Mars and other planets. Surely, this cannot be what the author claims to be, "hard data and common sense…" (p.43)
  • These wild claims of the Jaredites being 36-foot giants with red hair and six fingers and toes are backed up by the author giving evidence that a man named Steven Quayle records in his book of have found a thirty-foot giant. However, a quick search of Steven Quayle reveals his upcoming book on "Star Gates, Giants, Bigfoot and Skin walkers," which (Skin Walkers) by the way are able to have the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. This is the author's evidence?
  • During the first initial reign of the Jaredites who colonized themselves in Peru, "they were the only individuals on at least half of this planet." (p.98) 
  • Again, no evidence is provided that the Jaredites were the only people living on one side of the planet. The following are also claims that the author believes are true cold hard facts and common sense which I have not felt compelling evidence for whatsoever.


  • Mr. Hendleman believes that Noah brought upon the ark not only animals but also, "power supplies and power generation, tools, computers, tapes, spare parts and extra tools, CD's and DVD's." (p.16) He goes so far as to state Mrs. Noah was the one who brought the advanced refracted telescope on board the ark. (p.42, 57) Noah also wore the, "Adamic Civilization equivalent of Wrangler blue jeans, Levi shirts and L.L. Bean work boots." (p.42) The so called, "evidence" that the author uses to support this wild theory is that there is a cave in France with artwork describing, "this concept of Noah bringing and wearing modern clothing…" (p.42) The only problem is that the author gives no source to establish this wild and speculative theory. 


  • This author claims that the Jaredites in the Book of Mormon actually placed a device that was placed near the Bermuda Triangle causing people to travel to other dimensions. "The vibrations in objects or people of our world within a particular frequency range sufficient to change their current spatial/time dimension to a new vibration range; this change could then be sufficient to transfer said humans or objects to another dimension either temporarily or perhaps, even permanently in a few cases through a simple change of internal vibrations." (p.82) The author proves this by asking his readers to read a book by William L. Moore and Berlitz called, "The Bermuda Triangle." A quick study of these two authors shows that they are highly interested in UFOLOGY. If however you believe in UFO's and time travel then this may be a good source for you to follow. 

According to the author, ancient Egyptians
 used lasers and anti-gravity beams to build the pyramids

  • According to Mr. Hendleman, the Book of Mormon Jaredites built, "some of the oldest pyramids and that they did have a type of laser ray beam to trim up the blocks and an anti-gravity and/or a tractor beam device to move them. (p.87, 124, 125) The pyramids were also, "used for power production," (p. 98, 145) which the author claims that on the tips of the pyramids there were, "communication devices (or electrical power transmitters) to beam signals into deep space, or even just electrical power to their people." (p. 85) The author then holds claim for his readers to read , "One adventure book series, by Matthew Reilly [who] presented a plausible theory," (p. 85) that this may be true. 
  • Not only did the Pyramids have electricity but also the Temple of Solomon. "We do know the ancients had at least some knowledge of electricity as reflected by the Temple of Solomon." (p.148) A quick study of his "source of evidence" is by a man who believes that Adam was a hermaphrodite and that there were ancient astronauts.
  • Many of the Egyptians even had the idea, "for a prehistoric television set," (p.145) modern day toilets, (p.148) and "laid their knowledge on 3-D display within physical construction of their pyramids." (p.152) Having searched Google for some more information on this so called, "modern day toilets" I found that this author plagiarized a full page from an author named David Hatcher Childress from his book "Technology of the God," which was written in 2000. Compare page 148 of Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X and page 15 of Technology of the Gods.

  • With many advanced tools, the Jaredites were also able to capture, "the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos from elsewhere, and then moving them into their current orbits around Mars." (p.125) However, the author has no doubt whatsoever, "that one or more of these advanced, ancient tools will somehow turn up…in some fashion or form…likely…on the Jaredite moon base…" (p.
  • According to the author, tourists to these pyramids are just as gullible as the archeologists, scholars and researchers. "This tour 'information' appears to be nothing more than a show for tourist consumption and false Egyptian aggrandizement." (p.89)
  • He also latter states in his book that, "Almost no current researcher believes the theories of the modern classical Egyptologists or archaeologists." (p.155) This is a pretty bold statement to make without sourcing any statistical reports whatsoever.

BOOK OF MORMON = Aliens, Computers, Mars and Jupiter,
36 foot giants, Noah's Wrangler jeans, Prehistoric T.V.'s,
Spaceships, Anti-gravity beams, Time Travel, Bigfoot and


  • At another time, the author states that according to, "LDS revelation, our existing planet is far smaller today than it was in the days of the Jaredites…" The author gives no such source to back up this false claim. Never at any time whatsoever has there been an "LDS revelation" stating that out planet is now much smaller than what it really used to be. 
  • This man also claims that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are accurate in dating, "man as living on earth only since c.4004 BC." (p.29) Again, his source is nonexistent. Never at any time has neither the Bible nor the Book of Mormon ever stated or even insinuate in the slightest sense that man's beginning commenced c.4004 BC.
  • He sources the Pearl of Great Price as stating that, "Abraham is shown to have tutored the Egyptians in certain concepts of higher math." (p.58) However, any student of the Book of Mormon knows that there is no reference whatsoever of Abraham offering others classes or teachings on math whatsoever.
  • The Author also claims that the scriptures teach us that aliens from other worlds cannot visit us. (p.149) To this he gives no source whatsoever that backs up this claim.
  • At other times, the author will claim something to be true and simply give a reference such as (Skousen, The Cleansing of America.) These are scattered all throughout the book, which I feel is disrespectful to those he is referencing. (See pages 26, 27, 33, 35, 39, 44, 58, 67, 81, ) 
  • Other of his sources seemed a little strange. For example, he once referred his readers to the television show, "Ancient Aliens," to prove that what he was saying is backed up by this show. He does this several times in referencing The Discovery Channel and The History Channel as his backups. (p. 28, 69, 85, 87, 102, ) 
  • On page 31, 40, 50, 74, 76, 79, 91, 92, 104, 131 he takes the stance of, "if you don't believe me, then look it up on Google." However, thanks to Google we can find “real facts and hard evidence” in support of practically any belief and theory.
  • Many times in his book, the author quotes people without giving a single reference whatsoever! (p.115, 143)

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