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Michael A. Hickman 
(September 22, 1977 – Current) is presently an American Religious Studies student at the Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Michael is currently a member of the Association of Mormon Letters and is working on his first book titled, "The Good Samaritan: Western Religions Code of Conduct."  Michael is very distinct from others in that he once received an autograph from Mr. T. 

Like most serious students of religion, Michael spends most of his free time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on his X-box. In his own words, "There is something relieving about killing people on TV." Michael has also served as the Utah Valley University French Club publicist in 2012.

Hickman was born in Walnut CreekCalifornia in 1977 and upon birth was immediately identified as a boy by the 8 foot water fountain stream of urine shooting upward creating a beautiful rainbow of colors. Not much is historically known of Michael's infancy narratives and his early childhood. However, historians do believe that at this time he was a very handsome and striking young man.

I am also (I mean...) Michael is also currently aiding the website MormonConferences.org on a monthly basis and teaches the 14-15 year olds in his Sunday School class every other Sunday. He volunteers as a Sunday School teacher to the inmates at the Spanish Fork Prison every other Sunday and is also a Hospice volunteer for Envision Hospice in Utah County.

Michael has received at the age of 18 a personally signed letter from President of the United States of America honoring his completion of Eagle Scout. Michael has also received many calls from managers asking him to attend interview sessions for jobs that he has applied to.

By 1996, Michael had moved to France as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where at this time his body grew a lot of hair in areas unthinkable to the human mind. In 2000, Hickman moved to Provo, Utah where he met his wife Haley Cuvelier. They were soon married and had four girls, Alissa, Kara, Olivia and Sophia. The Hickman's then moved to Mapleton, Utah where they currently now reside.


BYU Carpet Cleaner

I carpet clean the Mission Training Center and love the gospel of Jesus Christ. These posts contain my experiences, thoughts and opinions on spiritual things.

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